Arthropod vectors behavior and interaction with pathogens

Comportamento de artropodes vetores e intera com patgenos  30Jan2015

Arthropod vectors behavior and interaction with pathogens

Leaders: Marcelo Gustavo Lorenzo and Alessandra Aparecida Guarneri

Focus: Chagas Disease, Dengue, Malaria

Mission: Developing researches of support to groups of disease control in the areas of biology, ecology, and vectors control. The group is also dedicated to the development of human resources to the activities of teaching and research.

Lines of Research:

  • Behavior and sensory ecology of vectors
  • Effects of infection by pathogens on the fitness of their vectors
  • Genes and behavior
  • Genomics of olfaction in vectors

Human Resources:

Alessandra Aparecida Guarneri
Marcelo Gustavo Lorenzo
Jose Manuel Latorre Estivalis
Simon Luke Elliot
Luciano Andrade Moreira

Emerson Soares de Oliveira
Mariana Soares Gomes
Heloisa Helena Linhares
Maria Raquel Fellet Guimarães
Guilherme Mendes Gonçalves
Marina Neves Ramos
Letícia Santos Guimarães
Roberta Carvalho Ferreira
Luciana de Lima Ferreira
Newmar Pinto Marliere

Mercedes Carolina Soares da Silva
Juliana de Oliveira Rodrigues