Research Groups

Through its research groups Fiocruz Minas conducts research, development and innovation in health.

These research groups are working on subjects such as Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, schistosomiasis and other helminth infections, dengue, malaria, and chronic degenerative diseases, among others. They also perform environmental studies, undertake pharmaceutical exploration, and develop new vaccines, diagnostic methods and therapeutic strategies, always with the objective of meeting the challenges of Brazilian public health. These groups also perform studies on aging, health education, genomics, and bioinformatics, among others.

To give scientific technical-support to research activities the CPqRR maintains a biotery that produces and maintains animals for experimentation with Trypanosoma cruzi, Schistosoma mansoni, Leishmania sp, and Plasmodium sp, and as a food source for insect vectors of the diseases studied in the Institution: the Molluscarium establishes molluscs and maintains helminth cycles of medical interest with a view to providing material for research; the Insectarium harbors several colonies of insect vectors of diseases (culicids, phlebotomines and triatomines) used in lines of research related to the study of pathogen-invertebrate host interaction, the development of epidemiological research, and the biology, biosystematics, ecology and resistance of insects, with the objective of establishing strategies for the control of disease transmission for diseases such as malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

With more than 70 researchers and 22 research groups with established partnerships with leading educational, health care and research institutions in the state of Minas Gerais, in addition to several others of national and international scope, our scientific production has experienced strong growth. The researchers also invest heavily in training personnel through undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral research.

Conheça, a seguir, os 22 Grupos de Pesquisa, Desenvolvimento e Inovação da Fiocruz Minas: