Structuring Programs


In CPqRR there are now nine technology platforms, namely Flow Cytometry, Real Time PCR, Sequencing, 2D electrophoresis, Bioprospecting, Monoclonal Antibody Production, anti-trypanosoma pre-clinical trials, Bioinformatics, and Microscopy and Image Microanalysis, which have high performance equipment and human resources with excellent technical skills, as well as a differentiated management system that seeks continuous improvement in areas such as quality, the provision of equipment and supplies, and communication with the user.

RIPAG: Rede para Identificação, Produção e Avaliação de Antígenos de Patógenos causadores de Doenças Infecto-Parasitárias saiba mais >>
PETP: Transmissores de Patógenossaiba mais >>

PÓS-GRADUAÇÃO:Programa Estruturante de Saúde Coletivasaiba mais >>