The mission of the René Rachou Institute, a unit of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) in Minas Gerais, is “To improve the quality of life of the population by serving national health needs through research, technological development, innovation, education and reference services.”

In addition to cutting-edge research conducted by its 22 research groups, Fiocruz Minas provides the Unified Health System, six reference centers that perform epidemiological surveillance, and four scientific collections that are the most complete zoological collections in Latin America.

Among its staff Fiocruz Minas has some of the most productive scientists in Brazil and maintains collaborations and partnerships with different national and international research institutions. Fiocruz Minas also collaborates with various municipal offices of the state of Minas Gerais, with the Secretaries of State for Health, for Science and Technology, and for Education, and with the Ezequiel Dias Foundation and the School of Public Health of Minas Gerais.

Since its creation, the researchers at Fiocruz Minas have been involved in the search for new pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and methods for diagnosis and control of vectors and hosts of infectious and parasitic diseases.

With patent law and the government innovation stimulus, Fiocruz Minas has further expanded its areas of expertise, understanding that it is necessary to strengthen the relationship between research, innovation, and production in order to better meet the social needs of the country and to increase the populations access to health goods and services.

In the last five years, CPqRR has produced 568 scientific articles published in high-impact journals and 122 master theses and 56 doctoral theses in its two postgraduate programs.